Does your business website domain name have a history?

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All businesses today require a website and a business website starts with a suitable domain name. Finding that unique domain name can be quite elusive as the ones most appropriate are usually both registered and in use by an existing business or being offered for ‘sale’ by a domain opportunist.

For clarification, you only ever rent the domain name on a year-by-year basis from the domain registrar. If the domain registration is not renewed then it becomes available for someone else to register. A domain ‘sale’ is just the transfer of a domain name from one registered owner to another.

Found that unique domain name you are seeking?

You find the domain name that fits perfectly with your business, you register the domain and get your marketing strategy sorted out ready to launch your business. But did you check if the domain has a history?

Does your domain name have history?

If the domain is available has it been registered and used by a previous organisation? If so, why is it available now? What happened to that organisation? It would be prudent to do some research before you use the domain name in case it has been poisoned in some way through possibly:

    • Poor customer feedback linked to the domain name.
    • County Court Judgements (CCJs) against the original registrant referencing the domain name.
    • Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) cases against the original registrant linked to the domain name.
    • Sales of inappropriate material or banned substances.
    • Blacklisting by the major search engines.

Of course there may be a perfectly good explanation why the domain is now available, but it is worth checking before investing time and money only to later find that the domain has a bit of bad history.