Business First

Business First is about understanding your business needs so that we can work effectively for you.

We fundamentally believe in listening to and discussing your business sales and marketing needs and ambitions is the way to understand the broader picture.

This business driven ethos underpins everything we do and is based on a structured approach to gain an understanding of your business sales, marketing, customers and competition. This proven process allows us to add value through ensuring our solutions complement your business.

To find out more about our approach and how it can help your business or organisation please give us a call or drop us an email.

Business First ... in action

Web design. Initially we consider how the design, navigation, content and structure of the website supports your sales and marketing. We discuss the scope of development, budget constraints and any work share to ensure the completed website can be delivered within both timescale and budget.

Web copywriting. Gaining and understanding of your products and/or services and marketing is the first step in identify the key benefits and differentiators. This information, coupled with an understanding of SEO and visitor browsing habits allows us to copywrite succinct web text within the agreed timescale and budget.

SEO improvements. We start with reviewing the existing site structure, page content, navigation and underlying technical aspects. This follows with a review of your target market(s) to arrive at an implementation strategy against an agreed budget.

Graphics design. The overall 'look and feel' of the website is arrived at through a branding Q&A approach to identify the style elements. An implementation approach against budget is agreed identifying where the graphical elements will be sourced, either in-house or using an external design agency.

Email marketing campaign. Our approach starts by partitioning your email marketing database to ensure relevant communications are sent to the target audience. We work for you in designing the email template, copywriting the content (if required), selecting and setting up an appropriate email marketing service.

CRM system implementation. We start by gaining an understanding of what data is currently held about your customers, operational processes and marketing strategy. Then, considering how this data might be used now and in the future, we would propose a web based CRM solution that meets your needs and undertake any work required to set up and populate the system against an agreed timescale and budget.